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The bathroom is one of the most important parts of any home interior. When anyone comes to our place, along with other parts, the bathroom also plays a great role in making a good impression. Hence, it is important to renovate the bathroom in newer ways. Moreover, not only for the visitors but also to make this portion of the house compatible with other home decorations and designing. Hence, we have come up with some incredible tile designs for bathroom installations in London to facilitate the homeowners around. Let’s have a look into it!

2020 special bathroom tile designs

Today we have come up with some of the most attractive tile designs that will perfectly go with your home designs. We have collected these designs from all over the world and then customized them in our own ways.


If you want a timeless and classic design for your bathroom then opting for subway tile accents can be a great decision. You can modernize your bathroom designs perfectly within the existing space only. You can get several patterns, colors, materials, etc. to make it suitable for your preferences, tastes, and home decor. It offers a standard and elegant look to your bathroom and gives it a shining look always. You can also install these subway tiles on the walls for which you can get a number of options in terms of colors, designs, etc.


If you want to add an extraordinary and attractive look to your bathroom designs, then you can perfectly go for glass mosaic accents. You can simply add several color-pops, shape, and shine only by installing this recessed tile design. We can add framed accents, create stripes, or any other special requirements with complete finishing. We have a wide collection of materials and colors for this specialized tile design.


Another tile design option available to you is large-format bathroom tiles. As the name indicates, this tile design easily covers large areas. It is very easy and convenient to clean as it has fewer grout lines. Moreover, you can clean a large portion with only one stroke while having this tile design in your bathroom. It perfectly complements the trendy shower, tubs, etc. with its elegant and beautiful looks. You can also get innumerable options to install these tile designs on your bathroom walls and make this space look trendiest.


We have also come up with some other tile designs which have become greatly popular this year. We have seen that homeowners often overlook the need for renovation of tubs or showers. But this is actually very much important so that they suit the home interior and the bathroom designs. In fact, your entire bathroom renovation work will go in vain if you don’t renovate the bathroom or tubs. Hence, here we have brought some incredible shower tile ideas that will perfectly match with your rest of the homes.

Give your bathroom an all-new look with our specialized and customized bathroom renovation works. Being one of the leading construction companies in London, we take care of the quality of work and materials to be used in it. Hence, it is perfectly ensured that you will be perfectly satisfied with our works. Contact us now to know more about our collections!