Plumbing is an essential thing When you are thinking about getting a house constructed. Plumbing services are liked by one and all. Plumbing involves all the water supply and water waste lines. When the home’s footing is built, a plumber runs a supply line from the boulevard through the foundation fence in or the slab. From that point, they run the lines that distribute water to the house to rooms where sinks, tubs, sprinkles, and other fixtures will be fitted. If you think that there is no need to call for a plumber, then you are certainly caught on the wrong foot.

Whether it is the installation of the plumbing equipment or for that matter the repair needed in the bathroom and the loo of the house and the offices, plumbing professionals are the need of the hour for all and sundry. If the pipes have busted or there are some glitches in some of the bath fittings then don’t just try your luck with the DIY hacks seen on YouTube, just see which is the best company for giving you all the things which you need in your plumbing settings and bath fittings

Why Choose Us?

We at M&K Construction and Gardening is a reputed construction and refurbishment company. When you are thinking of plumbing services, we are the experts in

  • New boilers and hot water cylinders
  • Completing central heating installations
  • Bathroom and kitchen installations and fittings

You can always call us for quotations for all the plumbing installations and fittings.