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Damp walls are a common issue in crypts and vaults since the earth adjacent to the walls is time and again drenched with water, and the dampness can make its way over the stonework and brickwork. When this moistness ingress passes from side to side of the wall, it will every so often transport salts and minerals with it that will lead to the obliteration of any fishing touches you have applied to the wall corresponding paint.

Tanking walls will avert dank glitches by establishing a mackintosh water-resistant obstruction. The blockade is fashioned through tanking slurry that is applied straight to the wall. Tanking Slurry is artless to apply and is perfect for covering underpinning walls below-ground level. The waterproofing and tanking is a process, which is perfectly done by professionals. There is no point in wasting your precious time doing something, which is not your cup of tea. It is always better to search for competent professionals to do this job with tremendous ease and not cost much from your pocket as well.

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We at M&K Construction and Gardening know exactly what is to be done with a property to make it perfectly safe and guarded against all the moisture. Dampness can act like slow poison for the structural integrity of the property and the construction is at risk of losing its strength.