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Fire and Smoke Alarms in SW London

Fire and water can cause harm to humans anytime and anywhere. Although the possibility of inverse situations cannot be curtailed, you can take some preventive measures to rescue yourself from destruction. Installation of fire and smoke alarms for home, office, or any other spaces can be a considerable measure to eliminate severe destructions out of the fire.

Today, almost every building construction installs fire and smoke alarms. It is, in fact, very essential and mandatory for any new construction projects. But most of the old constructed buildings or new construction homes don’t install this because of not knowing its great importance. Get it now from us. We work on every specific area to give you better protection, like,

  • Installation of working smoke alarm for home, offices, and outside.
  • Fixing and installation of smoke and fire alarms in sleeping areas, and bedrooms.
  • Installation of both photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms on every level of a home.
  • Testing of the smoke alarms every month (free for certain period).
  • Installation of interconnected smoke alarms.
  • Installation of smoke alarms through existing house wiring along with battery back-up.


Since we started the organization, we have been trying to give the best protective and reliable service to all the people around. Our services are very cost-effective to make them affordable for anyone. Call us now and have a safe living.