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Flat Refurbishment SW London

Renovation of any property is a fascinating and rewarding phenomenon. But flat refurbishment is very distinct from any other house renovation project. This is because flats always possess different unique challenges that a normal house doesn’t. Most of the flats are constructed in multi-story buildings and if you own any one of the flats among them other than the ground floor, the refurbishment work can be very challenging. Moreover, there can be the objection to the neighbors and thus NOC may need to be taken from them. Apart from all these challenges, the most important is the assurance of perfect renovation work without harming others’ flat.

Flat Renovation SW London

M&K. We, with the years of experience and expertise of renovation works, provide 100% guaranteed and reliable flat renovation service that not only gives your living area a newer look but also enhances its sustainability to a great extent. We also give regular updates for the next renovation date. Our flat refurbishment works include,

  • Ceiling installation and repair.
  • Kitchen remodeling.
  • Bathroom renovation.
  • Floor repair and installation.
  • Paints and furniture installation.

We have experts with us who dedicatedly work to provide you the best service of your expectations. Get it now from us by contacting and give your home a new touch-up! You can also visit us on Facebook.